Curling Leagues

Hurry, hurry hard to one of our most social sports!

Come enjoy one of Canada’s most popular sports and use those brooms to sweep your way into another Fall & Winter season with KSSC.  


Play for 2 hours every week and enjoy the physical activity as well as the fun and social aspect of this unique sport. 


Curling is a win-win sport!  Win - you get bragging rights... Lose -winning teams buy the post-game beer!


Gather up a team of friends or register as an individual and we'll put you on a team with other individuals!

Winter 2023 Curling Details

Winter Curling plays for 2 hours every week on Sunday evenings at the historic and centrally located Royal Kingston Curling Club (RKCC).
Our leagues are fun-focused and we create a no-pressure environment. With intermediate and recreation leagues, all skill levels are welcome (espially if you are new to the sport!).  Brooms and sliders are provided onsite.
Teams plays 9 games a season (7 regular season + 2 playoff). 
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Registration Deadline is January 4 at Midnight! 

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