All Sorts Of Sports Leagues

Not good at making decisions? Can't decide on just one sport?

KSSC's All-Sorts-of-Sports is perfect for you!

This summer we are offering THREE separate All-Sorts-of-Sports leagues: Outdoor, Brewery Games & Friday Night Social Sports. Each week, teams will be playing a different sport or game.


Outdoor Sports include: Beach Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer & Ultimate.

Friday Night Social Sports include: Beach Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer & Ultimate.

Brewery Games include: Cornhole & Lawn Games, Trivia, Euchre, Board Games, and more!


Join KSSC's most SOCIAL leagues and get active today!



Summer 2022 All-Sorts-of-Sports Details

All-Sorts-of-Sports Outdoor:
Summer 2022 ASOS runs on Monday nights at various locations.
This recreational league is mixed gender and teams are required to have a minimum of 2 males and 2 females on the field at all times.
Start in May and play 14 games this season (12 regular season + 2 playoff games).  
All-Sorts-of-Sports & Pub Social Fridays is reserved for individual signup only. While players still get to experience multiple sports throughout the season, there is a greater emphasis on a fun social environment without scores or standings!
All-Sorts-of-Brewery-Games (previously Pub games)
Summer 2022 All-Sorts-of-Pub-Games runs on Tuesday nights at DAFT Brewing!
Sign up as an individual or with a friend! Starts in May and runs for two, eight (8) week sessions!
Full details on dates and times can be found in the league listings below.
Rosters & Schedules will be available to registered players at least three (3) days prior to your first session. 
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Registration open for Mid-Summer ASOS Brewery Games & Friday Night ASOS Pub Social. 

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