"Amazing job, injury has taken me away for a little bit. but I will return. All seasons are filled with options, I understand how difficult venues can be and KSSC has always raised the bar each year!" -Josh C.


"I think the experience is great overall - good value and well organized. To all involved in running and delivering the leagues, thank you!" -David R.


"KSSC is a great organization! I have made great friends through it over the years, and got into kayaking last year after signing up for the sessions." -Dave Y.


"Happy with my decision to join the KSSC Intermediate basketball league. Great exercise and an excellent opportunity to meet new people :)" -Dustin F.


"This fall has been my first personal experience with KSSC, although I've heard of it in the past. I thought it was just for younger (20-30), single adults, but it has been a great place to have fun as a 50 YO female. I am looking forward to seeing what is offered in the spring session and perhaps joining in again. It has been a great stress-reliever after a long day of meeting deadlines and solving technical problems." -Anonymous


"You guys do a great job on so many levels - very happy to be a member" -Roland V.


"I have really enjoyed playing on my first KSSC team this fall, it has been a great way to meet new people and get some exercise. I look forward to joining more weeknight teams in the future." -Chrissy E.


"Really fun league to play in. It is nice to have something during the week that gets everyone together for some fun and exercise." -Julia H.